Action girl
(solo exhibition)

Action girl was my first solo exhibition in May 2019. It is by no means the most refined or sophisticated work of mine, it is rather full of different influences and techniques that I was experimenting with during the first year of fine arts studies at university. Much of the inspiration stems from video game aesthetics from my childhood and adolescence. Sometimes, the thought of being someone like Lara Croft solving mysteries or waiting for a storm felt more exciting than dealing with studies and people up north. I had an uneasy feeling about the world at the time, developing somewhat of a fear of terrorist attacks and disasters after living in Stockholm during the mid to late 2010’s. The disaster inspired encapsuled clothing and objects represented my fear of what could, or inevitably would happen. Eerily enough, half a year later the Covid-19 pandemic happened, an at first dystopian and uncertain experience which made me further have to deal with these feelings.   

photos by Lucie Nožková