video performance   15:23 min           

Sound by Simon Sjöström

The pandemic suddenly hit while I was working on this performance. My reaction to Covid-19 went through many faces, however after a while I felt calm and freedom in a way which I had never before, it taught me to be more independent and grateful for everyday. Beast is to be a strictly projected experience, with the performers the same size as humans. It was supposed to be in a pitch black room, in a warehouse in Umeå. It still makes me sad that this exhibition never was realised. I was inspired by the idea of a minimal musical, a few props, dancing and body language being the only way to communicate. The character beast was inspired by Beast from Lord of The Flies, a pig-like creature. My thoughts went to traditional western storytelling, often loosely inspired by some kind of image of Jesus, a saviour, good vs. evil and the deadly sins.  

I realise that it is never that simple, and that at times I am beast and at times I am the saviour.