Depresstrid Starter Pack

”How does one look back at an uncreative and unproductive time and find inspiration from it? A year of anxiety and depression later, I rediscover the toughest year of my life and what it meant to me.” 

Four years later, being in a much healthier state of mind than in the year of 2019, I find these feelings of emptiness hard to relate to or grasp now. Nonetheless, I can feel the power that is making art. I have to privilege of being able to look back on topics and feelings that were important to me at the time though my artworks. The audio from the speaker contains sound bites from the wide genres of short videos that I watched on Youtube. It has always felt like a site to resort to when things did not feel great. it is unpretentious and the act of choosing a video to watch does not hold the same weight as having to decide on a film at a streaming service. 

Photos by Lucie Nožková

Shown at galleri Alva in Umeå