Wearing Different kinds of leather and fur have through history been seen as a sign of luxury and wealth, dating back to the hunting stage, where animal skin was used for convenience and as trophies. Crocodile skin, a highly exclusive and expensive material, has been used to make bags, boots and more within fashion.

The inflatable pool toy may be the epitome of kitsch, a cheap, mass produced object to be used in a swimming pool and then be thrown away. Simple, artificial and bright colours paired with eye catching design. I was inspired by the simple, space costume-like clothing that was predicted in the 1960’s that we would wear today.

The aesthetic of this resort collection reflects society today. Artificial materials, quickly made in a factory, quite the opposite to the slow process of handcrafted leather goods. Despite the unconventional garment material, it is easily cleaned and water resistant. It is also sturdy due to its ability to last through water use and not break. What is considered leather?  

Exhibited at Umeå Fashion Week 2018.