Legend is an idea of an otherworldly room. A person and an event. I was inspired by the Capitol Hill attack, an event that looked like something from a film, with a rioter walking around with Nancy Pelosis’ speaker’s chair. This occurred only about a month before my exhibition and it greatly affected my work process. The state of the world in 2020, Covid-19 and all, required lots of press conferences and media coverage. The idea of a press conference intrigued me, they can cover anything from a boxer hyping themselves up before a match, a president accused of infidelity, or a king with a hunting rifle in the forest. If there is an interest within the public, the microphones are present.

Legend has swollen hands from fighting, a covered face, hanging from chains. I view the other works as props in a scene. The room acted as an installation, completely customised down to the podiums and light flickering. 

legends anthem by Gabriel Gassi

Many thanks to Vania Panes Lundmark for the lightbulb programming